Have you ever wondered?

  • How the web became what it is?
  • How should we measure moderation?
  • What, exactly, is an 'information ecosystem'?
  • How do we handle the language resource gap?
  • What date is the Spam apocalypse?
  • What makes a healthy community?
  • Could I survive without coffee?

Hi, I'm Nik.

I think about these things all the time.

I am focused on our health, safety and ability to thrive online communities. I've been on the front lines as a moderator, I use data to drive my decisions (My Disseration tried to measure moderation). Now, I'm applying my skills in Trust and Safety at Genpact.

I help communities moderate, stay healthy and flourish.

YMMV, this is an inexact science.

If these topics interest you, lets chat! You can reach me at nikhil.bhsn@gmail.com or on LinkedIn

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