Cogito ergo caffeinatus

It looks like verification is going to be the bigger part of work.

Pretty much what it says on the tin. I can use an LLM to punch out a page of text, and then tweak it to match what I think should be good. But you don’t typically write in a vacuum. Someone else is usually going to read it.

More importantly, when you get content, you need to verify if it makes sense and is applicable.

Its the mastery verification problem. Train people at scale, recruiting good talent - all of it is a Hard problem. You have verify if someone has actually learnt anything. There’s always a proxy to mastery, but if you know the proxy in advance, you can just master the proxy. Time and effort saved.

Its why we conduct tests or make students do projects. Its the point of science itself. Checking if what is being said is true.

FINE its late, im rambling. Somehow I am missing the exact words that connect the points.

Imagine you are sitting at your PC, you get a new email, or you use an LLM to generate some content. It has saved you hours of work doing it yourself.

How do you know its correct?

That’s it. The job is going to be more about knowing what you are seeing is correct, not so much as making it..

Anwyays, I am going to sleep. Lets see if Front Matter works. (It didn’t. Obsidian Publish it is)